Product Overview

11.6mm wide two shot soft touch slider

Product Detail

  • Length 26.0mm
  • Width 11.6mm
  • Height 10.0mm
  • Outer Material TPE
  • Inner Material PP
  • Shot Type Two Shot – Two Colour
Colour Options
  • Product 3/02/LK110


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Unfortunately we cannot supply one-off spares, but our partners below can.


Thonk Ltd Specialises in the synthesizer market, but keeps a varied stock of Sifam parts. Refer to Thonk for small quantities. www.thonk.co.uk
Tascam Ninja - John Higgins John buys up old consoles and mixing desks, so is a good source for obsoleted parts and small quantities. [email protected]

Colour Options

The body and line for this product can be customised with any combination of the following colours:

Note. Minimum order quantities may apply for certain colour combinations. Please enquire for details